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"Mama Say Bee Positve Quotes"

Life has all of these beautiful words that can be spoken in order to create, shape and mold ourselves from within. We have been given a gift to speak life into existence. Affirmation is a word that means the action or process of declaring something is coming into existence. It is also a conformation. Now its time to Look at our Words "Mama Say Bee Healed, Mama Say Bee Mo' Hair, Mama Say Bee No Mo' Pain."  The Bible says "Whatever you say, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Down below MamaSaybee Life will give affirmations on each section on the methods of speaking positivity into existence. Speaking Life into your Hair, Body & Spirit.

Speak Life into your Hair

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I speak to my hair and I say, "Hair you are beautiful, luxurious, healthy and manageable." I see more growth than I have ever seen. I agree with the products words of positivity for the growth of my Hair. My scalp is healthy and my hair follicles have been restored. My edges are restored.  I have no more shedding. I speak life into my scalp,  my hair and I appreciate you. My hair is in alignment with the words I have spoken for my new Journey with speaking only positive words into my Hair. So be it.

Speak Life into Your Body

Ballet Dancers

I speak to my body and I say, Body you are amazing, you assist me with my daily activities, you help me when I am weak, you keep me going.  Body you are healed from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. My body is nourished, healed and restored on the outside as well as within. My body is operating in alignment with the words that I have spoken. I  am thankful for my body and I appreciate you. I shall speak positive words and I believe it is already done. So be it,

Speak Life into Your Spirit


I speak to my spirit and say, "Spirit you are beautiful, and wonderfully made. You are my advocate, strengthener, the source of why I exist. You have been with me from the beginning until now and I thank you for this journey. I will practice positive words into my life regarding myself and learn to appreciate myself even more. Teach me positive words to usher me through this Journey and destroy any negative words that I have spoken in the past against myself. Moving forward I shall speak Life into my Hair, Body and Spirit. So be it."

All Affirmations by Aishah M 

"MamaSaybee Affirmations" 

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